• Safe. Fast. Cost-Efficient.

    Virtual Supervision Solution 

    We pride ourselves on creating a personalized virtual screening experience that is safe, fast and cost-efficient. 

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Safe. Fast. Cost-Efficient.

Outsourcing the coordination, scheduling, identity verification, instruction, supervision, and result collection of drug and COVID-19 screening is the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to keep your business safe and up and running at full capacity.  Our virtual screening process is the safest possible process as the person getting screened does not have to leave their home.  Virtual screening reduces human to human personal contact, reducing unnecessary health risks.  With the speed of same day virtual screening and reporting, our process helps people get on with their day do in a faster way, whether that is to work, to school, or other activities.  Our process is also extremely cost-efficient, as we do not rely on a brick and mortar collection sites.  We help our clients become more efficient by outsourcing what has become a very challenging task, and move away from being involved in the process that takes them out of their core responsibilities.

The VelociScreen Virtual Supervision Process         

Helping you adapt to the new normal


We help with the coordination of kit delivery and a custom process that fits your business needs


Online handles registration, consent forms and scheduling of virtual appointments.

Virtual Supervision

Identity verification, instruction, and supervision of the test-taking process

Rapid Results‚Äč

Supervision results are collected and available in the client portal upon completion of screening.

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Being true to clients starts with being true to ourselves.  To paraphrase our largest client, we were awarded business due to our flexibility, nimbleness, ability to pivot, and create innovative solutions. That all starts with listening and partnering with our clients, in order to help them adapt to the new normal.  Our team is driven and always empowered to do the right thing.  Our model is based on partnerships, internally and externally and the knowledge that the best solutions come from mutual collaborations and innovations. 

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Having innovative business partners is key to adapting to the new normal.  The pandemic of 2020 created unprecedented challenges in keeping employees safe and mitigating business interruption in a cost-efficient way.  Companies that have best navigated through these uncharted waters have leveraged technology to innovate, create flexibility, and adapt. VelociScreen was born out of this adversity, providing technology enabled, innovative and flexible solutions to help our clients adapt to these new normals. 

Safe. Fast. Cost-Efficient.

Your current and future employees appreciate that you care about their safety and that you want to get them to work quickly.